remember some; forget some

by wolfie

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Avery i like how real this is, its sung well and has a good aesthetic Favorite track: subconsciously addicted to misery.
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all my songs sound the same and i don't know what to say


released December 5, 2014



all rights reserved


WOLFIE Los Angeles, California

just your average archangel here

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Track Name: my best friend
i don't know why i stay on the phone for several hours just talking to you
perhaps it's because you're the easiest person that i know to talk to
you're funny / you're exciting / you've got a lot of stories to share and tell me too
i could go on about you but i'll try and keep it simple because

you are my best friend
you are my best friend

we talk about things that don't matter 'cus it's fun to do
we argue playfully in a way that is fun to argue
we talk about other people in a way that's kind of rude but i don't say

(i'm not saying i don't like that because it's my favorite thing to do with you)

and everything is so easy with you around / everything is so easy with you
everything is so simple with you / everything is so simple with you

you are my best friend
you are my best friend
Track Name: subconsciously addicted to misery
i was raised all alone / my hands clamped / around the edge of the phone
i called you and i called you / three times that night / oh i called you, i called you three times that night
but you didn't pick up
you didn't pick up

i was raised in an empty house with my hands tied behind my back
i wish that i could die every day but today i came back
you said to me / your condition is worse
i said to you / i cut myself last night in the purse of my hands
there was a razor that i applied
i applied so hard to my heart / that it cut
open the vein / and now i am dieing / slowly but nonetheless dieing
and you tell me that it's fine
because you don't think my condition is anything to be worried about
because sometimes I am fine, and you are fine and it's fine.

if i hadn't had a dream,
last night about you i would probably be okay / just like every other day
even before this day i would've hated your guts anyway
but i guess that things they change / and as the time goes by i wish i wasn't alive
and you say its fine / but in reality you're planning your own satisfactory crime

i'm waiting at the telephone / waiting, waiting waiting
all my life i have been waiting
i've been waiting for someone to treat me right
someone to be nice
and i don't even think i realize
i've never had that happen to me in my life
i've never had someone to ever say something kind / something kind to me
that meant anything to me at the time
but i guess it doesn't matter since nobody finds the time to care
nobody finds the time to care

everybody annoys me / care
if you hate me please don't / care
i guess i am subconsciously addicted to the hatred in your heart of me
i love it i love it / i can't stop it i love it
i hurt myself just to hate myself even more
i'm subconsciously addicted to misery
all my life ive been trying to find
something to make me happy / some meaning / some truth in this world
everybody lies / nobody finds the time to be kind
the time to be kind
Track Name: trust me
sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and i'm
screaming, crying, i'm scared of the dark
and sometimes i don't know what to do
with all these mindless emotions that possibly revolve all around you
i'm trying to find a way to get by in this place
i'm trying to find a coping mechanism with grace
so please help if i am right
help me if i need help
help me if i am right
help me if i need help

i'm sorry i only get to see you
inside my dreams as hard as it seems to be able to need you
and i'm sorry
i may be a little too nice
i wish i could stop please trust me i wish i could
but it won't stop rolling out

i know that it's hard for you but i want you to be safe
i know things are tough right now but i believe in your grace
please just trust me i know what i'm doing
i can handle you just fine
please just trust me if you think you're alone i'll be right by your side
please just trust me i promise i won't leave me
please just trust me i promise i will dream of you
Track Name: 7 months of impulsive lieing ending in the most horrific possible way
in the morning when i said hello / you look me in the eyes and say "oh oh oh"
"cant believe you're still alive"

you get angry at me / like all of the time well i
wasn't sure if you were mad or if you just had a sentimental side
i wasn't seeing / didn't know
inside i'm on fire / you're talking to the people who told me to kill
inside i'm on fire
inside i'm

i can't believe i've put with bullshit / for eight months almost
i can't believe i'm so idiotic i'm so selfish / in myself
i can't believe i never even realized / how bad it was
can't believe i never realized
can't believe i never realized

i asked to be friends / you said you didn't want to be friends
what the fuck / does that even mean anyway
asked to be friends rather than dating / and i told you i was uncomfortable with that but you pressured me
manipulated me and said that it was alright
and i'm sick of all these liars / in my head / in my life
can't believe i couldn't get rid of you all those times
sick of all these liars sick of all these things inside my head
i just want to go away / i just want to go away
i'd rather much be dead

my fingers are hurting / because i haven't played the ukulele in a long time
didn't think id have to / you told me that it was ok
you told me that i could trust you

but i guess people lie / lie a lot